Creating and delivering a successful social events programme

One of the key elements of a private members’ club is its social events programme.  A successful programme can create a real sense of belonging and contribute greatly to the life and soul of the Club.  As a result one of the most important processes I go through as Events Manager at Roehampton Club, is to generate and develop different ideas and then implement them into producing a vibrant programme of events for both the Adult and Junior membership to enjoy.

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Corporate Golf Days: Outside the Box?

CORE COMPETENCY REF. Golf, Sports and Recreation Management
By Chris Duffy CMDip

Golf Clubs, Country Clubs, or Tennis Clubs are continually seeking alternative ways to attract external revenues streams beyond membership fees. More and more businesses are seeking Corporate Partnerships or Strategic Alliances, where companies and clubs come together to work hand-in-hand in developing each others products and services.

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